Misrepresentation of facts is a serious issue. It can cost you money after realizing that the party you contracted with, has misled you.

So what constitutes a misrepresentation?

When a party knowingly states false facts, to induce an innocent party into entering into a contract.

Yet, misrepresentations can become blurry, or may simply not be serious enough to be considered sufficient to pursue litigation. The key, is to determine if the misrepresentations made were actionable.

If determined to be an actionable misrepresentation, the innocent party can seek a variety of remedies including monetary damages, or even rescission of the subject contract. The remedies available, will depend strictly on the type of misrepresentation made: Fraudulent, Negligent, or Innocent (see our blog titled “What difference does it make? They lied.”

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Author: Ram K. Tangri