The concept of litigation is not familiar to many. The truth is, if you haven’t experienced being a party to a litigation so far, consider yourself fortunate. Suing, or being sued, means that you’ll likely need to retain a lawyer to protect your interests, spending time away from work to take part in proceedings, and lose sleep mulling over ‘why the other side hasn’t tried to compromise with a reasonable offer or reply’.

Litigation can be brought forward by an individual, business, insurance company, or any other entity, seeking redress for a variety of reasons. To name a few, some types of litigation seen in Canadian courthouses can range from insurance matters, breach of contract between individuals or corporations, and mortgage enforcement.

If you are the Plaintiff, it means that you are the party looking to initiate the litigation, by way of an Action or Application. Litigation can be triggered by any individual or entity who believes they have an actionable reason for bringing forward a request for a remedy against a Defendant or Defendants.

Author: Ram K. Tangri