Tangri Law Firm has the litigation experience and practical knowledge needed, to aggressively advocate on behalf of our clients. The process of plaintiff litigation begins with the issuance of the Statement of Claim or Application. If you find yourself defending allegations served upon you, within a Statement of Claim or Application; the process of defence litigation requires, within a prescribed period of time, the defendant or respondent to have a Statement of Defence or Notice of Appearance, filed and served as against the Plaintiff or Applicant.


We understand that clients involved in complex or protracted litigation face an uneasy task, that  intentionally wears out the aggrieved party, forced to partake. With our knowledge of the Rules of Civil Procedure, Superior Court Practice Directions, and recent court decisions; our objective is to minimize your costs and expeditiously achieve a favourable result. 

Our firm will advocate on your behalf, strategically and effectively, throughout the process. 

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Breach of Contract
  • Insurance Indemnification
  • Fiduciary Breach
  • Torts (Personal Injury)
  • Mortgage Enforcement
  • Patent/Copyright Infringement
  • Debtor/Credit Matters
  • Long Term Disability Refusal
  • Product Liability
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